Sunday, September 21, 2008

Robots prevail?

A common misconception about film is that its the perfect medium for robots. They can sit, for days on end, no need to eat, sleep, or urinate. They can watch a James Bond marathon without even blinking, and yet for a normal human being, that would be almost impossible to complete. Very few people could endure both the feat of physical endurance it takes to watch 40 odd hours of film and even fewer could sit through that much Pierce Brosnan and live to tell about it.

But there is a flaw with this mode of thinking. Yes robots have infinite patience and endurance, and many have the intellect to analyze a film on many levels in a nano-second, dissecting it, computing numerous theories about it's meaning and its cinematic audacity, or lack there of it. However, robots don't have feelings. They don't have the capacity to experience films on a visceral level. They may know the meaning behind a film, and they may understand that the structure of editing contrasted with the musical score and cinematic style is suppose to elicit a certain response from the viewer, but they can't feel that response, and therefore, cannot understand the true power of film. The power to move people.

Robots, in the end, loose.

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