Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thanks Angelo

I have neglected blogging, mostly because I have not been writing as often as I should. But today, after reading good old Mr. Angelo Barovier's newly formed blog Eclectickle, I decided I should write something, because like him, he's doing it partially as a way to force himself to write, which is also one reason I also started doing it. Because really, do I have anything interesting to say? I don't think so. Well, maybe something slightly interesting, but nothing most would remember 24 hours later. But should I be writing if I have nothing to say, shouldn't I just write in a journal? Hmmm, so many things to ponder.

Well, one thing that occupies my mind these days is that of my child which shall be sprung forth into this world come the end of the summer. What kind of wonderful skills will I teach him/her? They will undoubtedly be a master of several martial arts forms, that's for sure, their training will start at a very early age. I will also have them playing Dungeons and Dragons by the time they're six. I will have to make a rather detailed regiment of media consumption, as they will be raised on a steady diet of martial arts films and anime/manga/comic books. I am torn as to what I should do about the Disney dilemma. I'm not a big fan of Disney animation, mostly because of the way they have 'for a limited time only' releases of their films so as to jack up the demand. So I really don't want to go down that route, however, I do have fond memories of watching Sleeping Beauty and The Fox and The Hound as a child.

As far as my film consumption goes, its been all over the place lately. I finally got Enter the Void on Blu-ray, which is still one of my favourite films from the last decade. I got The Walking Dead on Blu-ray also, which while flawed, is still pretty great. I was a little skeptical of the additional characters of Merle and Daryl, but if I think they're going with Merle the way I think they're going, making him the Guvenor, then I accept that decision. Plus, Michonne will apparently be in season 2, and thats pretty exciting, because the show is definitely missing swords.