Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Three dinner birthday

July 9th marked my day of birth. I took several days off of work to collect my thoughts, assess my life, spend many days deep in meditation, focusing, refocusing, and focusing some more.
I did manage to accomplish several things over the last few days.

3 Birthday Dinners

Friday, on my actual birthday, myself and some friends went to Chimichanga's for mojitos and burritos, and it was delicious. I ate until I could eat no more, and then I ate a little more. Plus, mojitos are delicious. The perfect follow-up to that meal was Predators, which was one fantastic film. It didn't have the same level of hormone bursting masculinity the original did, but Adrian Brody did a pretty good job. Sunday my parents came for what would have been lunch, but since we were out the night before drinking and taking 1am walks through various forests, it was breakfast. Birthday breakfast was an Indian buffet at Chef of India. Spectacular times in my tummy, and again I ate until I burst. Plus, my parents stayed to watch the world cup and my mom brought this:

Yes, that's a cake. Crazy isn't it. That's me! So I ate that all afternoon, and the next day. Tuesday my sister came for dinner. We went to Finn Izakaya, because I needed to gorge myself on Japanese food. So I got the special Finn three story Bento Box. I don't know what some of the food I had was, but it all tasted delicious. Then we went to Demetries for dessert. I had some brownie cheesecake with crazy triple chocolate ice cream. Again, I ate more than I should, and it felt soooooooo good.

But, on a more constructive note, I've organized my life a little. Started my super duper work work out routine to keep me busy until I can afford the time and money to train again. Until then, P90X and my own personal kung fu training will do.

We also got air conditioning, which is awesome.