Thursday, April 29, 2010


I can feel my sinew grow strong. Strands of metal coat the very fiber that is my musculature. I can punch through walls.

I haven't gotten lazy. My regime has not been broken. I can feel the energy surging through my veins. Its pretty amazing how a little (or maybe not so little) exercise can change how your body feels in such a short period of time. It remembers. Its slowly remembering. I can feel the muscles and ligaments stretching, slowing sliding back into a place they once resided in so many years ago.

The light is also at the end of the tunnel. It grows every brighter with each passing day. Once I emerge into the light, I'll find myself in an even bigger tunnel that won't be nearly as long, but will take just as much energy and perseverance as the last. Focus. Focus. Breath. And focus.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Words of Advice

Turn verbal diarrhea into alphabetized diarrhea. Everyday. Easier said than done. Which is why I'm doing it. To prove a point. Mostly to myself. And who better to make a point too. As long as things keep moving forward each and everyday, no matter how small and minuscule, as long as the movement is always in that forwardly direction and not in reverse, then that's all you can really do. And that's all I'm doing. Forward motion. In written verse. And cinematic image. Fused into one montage induced seizure. Maybe seizure's the wrong word. Maybe the right word is brain fuck. But maybe curse words are too strong. Let's try montage induced delirium. That's probably what I'm going for.

Tomorrow commences my return to The Drifting Classroom, Kazuo Umezu's mammoth masterpiece, so that I may partake of Nobuhiko Obayashi's cinematic incarnation, in hopes that its not as bad as I've been told. Perhaps with Umezu's words and images still fresh in my mind, it will all make sense. Although Orochi really didn't cut the mustard. I probably would have enjoyed the film more had I not read Umezu's manga.

I've also coined some phrases as of late. The latest is What Would Riki Takeuchi Do, or WWRTD. Remember you read it here first.