Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who am I taking to the formal?

In anticipation of our big move at the end of the month, we have been purging ourselves of all of our junk. Today, I went through piles of crap. Piles and piles of crap. Most of it was old things, memories really, of things I have kept for decades. Some highlights include:

A list, compiled by my friend Rob, of all the suitable candidates for me to take to formal during my last year of high school. The list has a legend, listing various pro's and con's for each girl.

All of my movie tickets from high school and university. It was ALOT of tickets. And included everything, from Buckaroo Bonzai at The Specialist, which I saw twice in theatres. Sad I know.

A series of workbooks from grade 4, along with several art projects. One was a pretty kickass picture of a Sabre-tooth Wasp. A very dangerous insect.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Why am I so confused? Oh, wait. I'm on drugs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Old Ones

Practicing form is a way for one to channel our ancestors.

I yearn to go back, not because I miss it, but because I miss that period of time. I want to relive those memories. I want them to happen all over again. But they won't. Ever. They are gone.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Focus. Wii Fit Age: 46!!!!

I hadn't used the Wii, or even really exercised for that matter, in well over a week. The result? BMI 25.06 and a Wii Fit age of 46! It was bad. My ninja training is lacking severly.

As Bluebird begins to consume my life, I need to find focus. Training will hopefully help guide me along the correct path. My mind wavers, but I must remain steadfast in my resolve.

Callbacks will be soon. The choices ahead are varied. We had a great number of talented women audition for the roles of Kate and Laurie, and very few talented men audition for Chris, Martin and Roger. It's going to be tough filling all those roles. I think we can do it, but if not, we will have to MacGyver up an actor. Always give yourself a choice.

Inspiration this week. Judith Weston, MPD Psycho, Butoh, Krav Maga.