Monday, September 01, 2008

Fan Expo 98

Namor, champion of the sea. He was one of many engaging characters at the Fan Expo last weekend. My companion Gregory, Duke of Yorke, featured in the above photo, was captured with a plethora of our costumed friends.

There was of course everyone`s favourite Star Wars character, Porkins. Greg insisted on having his picture taken with every Star Wars character we saw. We never got our hands on a Darth Vader, and we had to chase down the lone Han Solo, but I think the crowning achievement of the expo was Porkins. I mean, that guy actually looks like Porkins!

There was a variety of Jokers at the expo. Most tried in vain to emulate Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Some, like the one above, weren`t too bad. Others smeared a bit of make-up on their faces, thinking that if its messy it some how captures the spirit of the Joker. Wrong. Most were crap.

And then there were banana`s.
The costumes were great. The expo, well, was a little disappointing. Yes, it was immense. Yes, there were A LOT of vendors, A LOT of things to look at, and A LOT of guests, but, at with vendors such as Zellers, and Blockbuster selling, well, things they normally sell, I wonder whats the point. Whats the point of selling DVD`s, anime and manga that you can get any day of the week for the same price. Besides a sale or two, what the vendors sold really wasn`t any different from what they normally sell. I was hoping for something rare, or some great deals. I did get a good deal from Cinema One, who was selling Tartan`s DVD`s for $8.99, so I got a bunch, but thats only because Tartan went belly up, not because Cinema One was doing something different from what they normally do. I wanted to find rare and exotic manga, but all I saw was the same old Naruto, Death Note and Lone Wolf and Cub.
On a side note, one of the highlights was trying out Wii Fit, which has now jumped up on my list of things to get for my Wii. It was frickin`sweet.

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