Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Legend of my Fist

Two months since I last posted. A new record. In this span of time:

Confessions of a Dog - A shot and edited an interview with director Gen Takahashi, as well as the Q and A after the film and a panel discussion, all led by the wonderful Chris Magee, and all of which will appear on the British DVD release of the film by Third Window films. And its also an amazing film.

Bluebird - Shooting, shooting, shooting. Its only been 16 months since we started shooting, so thats not too bad. Ha ha ha. Its morphed into something that is so incredibly different from what I originally envisioned, but at the same time, its still the same fame. Wierd. Cliche to say this, but its become its own organic, living creature. I am helping to guide its evolution, shaping it, morphing it, but its growing in ways I couldn't have possible imagined. And at the sametime, things I thought would have developed naturally have died horribly or have never even seen the light of day.

TIFF - Yes, the worlds greatest film festival starts this week. Which means work gets stupid busy as everyone wants to shoot Brad Pitt wiping his ass, but also, it means lots of wonderful movies. So what am I excited for? More than anything, Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, followed closely by I Saw the Devil and 13 Assassins.

I'm sure more things have happened this summer, but, I can't remember. Oh, my lungs hurt. Oh, and I have a handle bar moustache. But mostly, right now, my lungs hurt. Which isn't really possible, as they have no nerves, but I can still feel it. My workout routine is thrown off. Just when I'd gotten into running through Sherwood Park and visiting Tony Orton on a regular basis, as well as doing my own martial arts thing. I need to start going back to kung fu class.

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