Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things that have impressed me

While I get rather annoyed anytime someone blows their load over the RED ONE, I was impressed with some of the press release regarding their two new camera's in development, the Scarlett and the Epic. While it essentially makes the RED ONE obsolete, and the 2009/2010 release dates means that by 2015 you should be able to actually shoot and post something with 'few' problems, the 28K Epic tickled my fancy, if only because it allows you to shoot in a native aspect ration of 2.35:1. No anamorphic lenses, no cropping of the image, the sensor is the exact size of a pristine cinematic widescreen image. I'm sure it will be beautiful, if they ever get it working.

I'm pretty worked up about Red Cliff 2. I really enjoyed the first part, and after ended, I immediately wanted to see the 2nd, which I imagine is filled with a whole lot of carnage, naval battles and good old fashioned John Woo swordplay.

Things that haven't impressed me

Couture vs Lesnar. Randy flopped like a fish. And if he didn't flop, well, he just plain stinks.

I saw the Star Trek trailer, and it looks like the O.C. in outer space. Why does J.J. Abrams suck my balls? I'm not too sure, but that guy from Heroes playing Spock is looks like he ate one too many paint chips as a child. Someone should just put him and his crappy show out of its misery.

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