Monday, June 16, 2008

Its official, 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons sucks my balls. Despite the fact that Wizards of the Coast say they are NOT trying to compete with WOW and it's ilk, its fairly obvious they are. It seems to be aimed at 13 year old boys who want to smash orcs. Well, I guess it was always aimed at 13 year old boys, but still, it held somekind of an attraction to older, more mature players. Not it seems the roleplaying aspect has diminished considerably. All the skills, feats and spells are far more combat specific. Anything that had strictly a roleplaying effect, with no relevance to combat has been completely removed. It either works in battle, or it ain't needed in the game. It seems they really want people to play this online. I mean, who really needs to talk to real people, when you can do it all online! While I do have friends who stick to 2nd Edition, I think I will stick with 3.5.

On a side not, "The Happening" wasn't really very good, although it would have made a great short film. And "Chocolate" was also a slight disappointment. Wasn't nearly as much ass kicking as I thought there was going to be. Plus, Jee Ja Yanin doesn't have the speed that Tony Jaa or Dan Chupong have. Yes, there is a great tribute to Jackie Chan during the factory fight scene, and it does pick up towards the end, but some of it is so uninspired and recycled from other, far better, Thai action films. Still, she does learn to fight by watching Ong Bak, which is kind of funny.

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